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Cat and Dog

Animal Reiki

Working with pets

Animals are very receptive to energy. Working with animals takes patience, kindness, understanding and intuition. Although most of my Reiki sessions are performed using the hands on method, it is understood that some animals would prefer to receive this energy from a distance. A trust will be established, but just as I allow a human client to dictate their own comfort during a session, I allow our animal friends to do the same. Animal sessions are typically 30 minutes. Please contact me for details.

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Energetic Clearings

Individual and Home

If you are interested in an energetic cleansing of yourself or home, please contact Marianne directly at

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Card Readings

Oracle and Tarot

As a way to connect online with friends, family, and clients online, I began doing card readings on Facebook Live. The cards have always been a way for me to receive messages from the universe, spirit guides, and even loved ones who have crossed over. I always tell the person I am reading for that I will do my best to relay the information I receive clearly and I hope that what they hear truly resonates with them. If you are interested in a general, business, or love reading, please contact me for pricing and scheduling.

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